We Are Creative

World natural resources are limited and generate harmful gases in energy production process. It is critical that we develop the technology that is reliable, dependable and environment friendly.

Inspired by the challenges that our world faces to deliver clean energy, Abdul Rasheed Founder and CEO of InfiAmp start-up company proving the clean energy by developing renewable energy products.

About Us

InfiAmp is the Research and Development company focus on the solar, wind and small hydro energy products with an aim to amplifying the use of renewable energy to reduce carbon emission and to provide electricity to remote area.

To carry on the business of generation of Power, we are developer, investor, researcher, manufacturer and erecting of environment friendly renewable energy product, storage and appliances.



Incubated @ AIC-RNTU

InfiAmp is proud to be incubated at AIC-RNTU. Incubation centre provided us with all the necessity to boost our company and also with the lab for prototype development.